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Dear colleagues!

Georgian Physicians Postgraduate Association would like to invite you to attend the VIII joint scholarly practical conference


Conference is being held July 3-11, 2015 in the Chakvi on the Black Sea (Georgia, Adzharia, near Batumi), at 5-star hotel "Oasis", where often had been held regional and international scholastic forums in which actively participated the leading scientists and physicians from different countries.

The purpose of the conference is to familiarize and introduction into practical medicine in our country international standards and guideline of different specialties and subspecialty, giving lectures and seminars for the advanced training of physicians, the exchange work experience between specialists from Georgia and other countries on these issues.

The Conference is accredited by the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development of Tbilisi State Medical University .

Subjects of the conference will primarily be determined International Standard Classification of Diseases (ICD10 and ICPC2) and entering into them nosology, symptoms and syndromes, and also the challenges of laboratory diagnostics, clinical pharmacology and pharmacy, that are relevant for the practical medicine.

More than 300 doctors will be participate in a forum, among them are leading medical scientists and pharmacists, students, doctorants and residents. Will be presented the products, innovations and programs of medical and cosmetology centers, as well representatives of world leading pharmaceutical companies in Georgia.

Organizing Committee invites you to take part in the conference as a sponsor, the exclusive company representative, scientific lecturer, head of the master class, of training course and/or in status of the listener (the participants will be certificated).

Within the conference will also be conducted scientific sessions on topical issues medicine. Conference materials will be published in refereed Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine and web formats.

Conference participants are given opportunity acquainted with the traditions and culture Georgian nation, meet with known figures of art and literature, with historians and politicians, to participate in sporting and cultural events, visit the historical and geographical attractions of Adjaria.

Participants will be accommodated in the hotel "Oasis", at exclusive low prices (Cost of hotel accommodation and participation in the conference for 8 days - $ 450-500)

Association office address:
16, Kavtaradze street, appt. 315, 322, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Medical hospital “DEKA” (The former treatment center),
Phone: (+995) 551 57 45 22
E-mail: info@postdiplom.ge
web-site: www.postdiplom.ge

President of the Association
professor A. Telia

Scientific Director of the Conference
professor B. Korsantia


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